The Fat Effect


When I was younger I used to challenge myself (just mentally, not aloud) to take the stairs two or three steps at a time. How the hell did I even do that?

Now I’m mentally bargaining with the powers at be to let me live if I make it to the top! Instead of taking them two at a time it’s more like, “I’ll climb two steps and you find someone to carry me the rest of the way.”

As part of implementing new aspects of healthier living to my overall program I decided to make sure I take the stairs to the top floor to my office at least once per day. Well, I’ve gone above and beyond that and have taken the stairs every time I head to my office the last 3 days. What’s an elevator for again? Just kidding, but it’s honestly been a conscious effort.

Anyone climbing the stairs behind me or who happens to stumble upon me when I’m at the top would probably be concerned for my well being. Since it’s an enclosed stairwell, I’ve been taking a minute at the top to regain my composure before walking to my desk. If I walked in right away they’d hear slight wheezing or panting. The sweat on my brow would probably make them assume I have a virus and force me into using a sick day.

Man how times have change. This extra hundred pounds i’ve been carrying around really affects the most menial of tasks in the worst way. Again I’m reminded that this journey is totally worth it.