The Ailments


It dawned on me about 6 months ago that the weight gain has become an issue far beyond cosmetics and slowing me down with daily activities. I’ve been keeping track of all the health-related issues that have been plaguing me (aside from the flu/common cold) recently and I’m pretty sure All of them are related to my unhealthy weight.

My ailments (so to speak):
1. Back problems – far too many to name.
2. Poor skin quality
3. Brittle/breaking nails
4. Acid reflux/heartburn
5. Sore/aching feet/ankles/calves/knees
6. Chest pains
7. Headaches/migraines
8. Trouble sleeping
9. Exhaustion
10. Dizziness/fainting
11. Gastrointestinal problems
12. Muscle cramps
13. Irregular menstrual cycles

… And others that have slipped my mind. To clarify, none of those symptoms have been common in my life when not directly related with a sports injury, accident or pregnancy.

That’s a lot of issues popping up here and there. That’s a lot of feeling like shit day in and day out. I simply refuse to have to continue living this way. I don’t have to feel awful all of the time or be concerned about whether the seat belt will buckle the next time I fly. But if I don’t take the necessary steps to change then those ailments and my physical appearance will only get worse. So as I get ready to fall asleep on my last night before the change in habits commences, I hope I dream about a healthy lifestyle free of frivolous aches and pains.

Cheers to change … And if you’re struggling to sleep, instead of counting sheep, count my pounds, there’s enough to help you through a night of insomnia.